Not every process can be depicted in a photograph or video. Often, what is most important for explaining the technology or construction of a machine is not visible at first glance. 3D graphics allow You to take a look inside working machines, to show the advantages or principles of operation of products, simply and understandably.

Animation enables the creation of engaging advertising, instructional, or educational content, supporting not only marketing but also explaining complex technical solutions and processes understandably. In 3D animation, milling with a block of metal can easily be shown in slow motion, focusing on presenting the specifics and operation of the product. In this form, we prepared a series of films for the CNC milling manufacturer Pokolm.

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grafika 3d urządzenia końcówki frezu cnc frezującego w metalu


If you are seeking a solution on how to differentiate your technology products from the competition and prepare promotional creations for publication in advertising materials, look no further!
At Modelight, our 3D team of engineers is eager to undertake such projects.

We adeptly present complex equipment and processes in an engaging, dynamic manner through animations. For CNC router manufacturer Kaast, we crafted an animation illustrating the transformation of a machine into a robot and a subsequent robot fight sequence.
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cnc robot in industrial interior
scena z animacji 3d walki robotów cnc
3d technical visualization cnc elements transformer

Products and technological solutions are often concealed within enclosures or nestled inside structures. Crafting suggestive and comprehensible promotional materials for viewers in such cases can be a challenging endeavor. It’s difficult to showcase these aspects through photographs, and disassembling the device into parts usually lacks economic sense.

Through visualizations, however, any interior elements and inaccessible solutions can be effortlessly presented by utilizing transparency or cross-sectional views. Such graphic creations aid in understanding processes and showcasing products from industries such as construction, automotive, or various fields of medicine and dentistry.

tractor 3d visualization with glass textures


Do you know how many components in modern cars are made from advanced materials like EPP or EPS? These materials are incredibly lightweight, shock-resistant, don’t break into sharp pieces during accidents, and can be molded into nearly any shape. It’s a good example of products fulfilling important functions in cars but not visible to the naked eye.

That’s why we prepared a 3D presentation for Knauf Industries Polska, the manufacturer of these parts, which successfully showcased these innovative solutions for the automotive industry. The car animation is simplified, showing only the contours of shapes. This allows us to see all the components made from innovative materials without the need for lengthy descriptions of their functions or dismantling the vehicle into parts 😉.

With the support of 3D graphics and animation, you can show products and technological solutions hidden deep beneath the bodywork or in other places inaccessible to the camera. In this way, you can explain their operation and function in a car or other complex product or process.

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In the construction industry building materials are often concealed beneath other layers and not visible to the naked eye. This poses a challenge in how to effectively showcase not just the product, but also its function within the building.

We propose the use of 3D animation, which allows for the selective uncovering of building layers. With this approach, marketing materials can effectively highlight any product and its function, even those that are hidden within the building structure. Find out more here.



For several years, Polish entrepreneur and inventor Sławomir Malicki has been attempting to revolutionize the aviation industry. The businessman devised an idea for an automatic towing system for passenger aircraft during taxiing. The idea has already been patented in several countries worldwide.

To persuade investors in the USA about this bold concept, we assisted Malicki’s team by creating an animation demonstrating the construction and operation of the system. It was a fascinating challenge and an excellent example of how 3D creation can help implement world-changing inventions. More information about this innovative concept can be found here: ATS.

If implemented at airports, the idea could result in enormous fuel savings, reduce the release of toxic emissions produced during taxiing with engines, and enhance safety during taxiing on airport aprons. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the large-scale implementation of this concept.

You can read more about this groundbreaking aviation project here


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