Operating principles

As a group of 3D engineers, We are creating materials to support the marketing and promotion of technical products. Not every process can be presented in a photograph or video. 3D graphics allows you to look inside the working machines, to show the advantages or principle of operation of products in a simple and understandable way.

Animation makes it possible to create advertising, instructional, or educational creations.

In 3D animation, milling with a lump of metal can easily be shown in slow motion, focusing on the presentation of products. In this form, we prepared a series of 3D animations for CNC milling machine manufacturer Pokolm. More about the project here.


If you want to distinguish your products from the competition, and prepare promotional creations for publication in advertising materials we will be happy to help. Presenting complicated equipment and processes in an engaging, dynamic way in 3D is easy.
For CNC router manufacturer Kaast, we made an animation of the transformation of a machine into a robot, as well as a robot fight sequence. See more 


If the products are hidden inside an enclosure or structure, taking a traditional photograph may not be feasible.
However, you can showcase the parts or solutions through visualization by using transparency or a cross-sectional view, which makes it easier to present them.


Automotive industry

Cooperation with Knauf resulted in graphic design for the Automotive industry. Our task was to show the use of modern EPP and EPS plastics in car manufacturing.

Did you know how many components in modern cars are made of lightweight and durable plastics, such as EPP or EPS? In the 3d animation you can see it at first glance

In order to show the elements hidden under the body, often placed in hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle, we made a sketch model of the car and a 360 animation showing all the elements and their functions in the vehicle.


Construction industry

In the construction industry building materials are often concealed beneath other layers and not visible to the naked eye. This poses a challenge in how to effectively showcase not just the product, but also its function within the building.

We propose the use of 3D animation, which allows for the selective uncovering of building layers. With this approach, marketing materials can effectively highlight any product and its function, even those that are hidden within the building structure. Find out more here.


Aviation – inventions

Technological innovations always require a precise and convincing presentation to entice investors. We produced a 3d animation of a passenger aircraft towing system patented worldwide. The Polish inventor’s idea is currently under development in the USA. More information about the project at the ATS link.


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