How can a 3D expainer video help?

Not all of us like reading multi-page manuals, analysing data tables and leafing through data sheets. With the help of graphic instructional animations, however, we can avoid this. Instructional videos and 3d explainer video explain the construction and assembly of products.

A picture is worth a thousand clicks, and in an animation you show processes that are difficult to explain in an understandable way.

Who and how can it help?

  • In marketing to promote and explain the advantages and distinctive features of a product.
  • For salespeople as materials explaining the construction and operation of the equipment they are selling. In animation, you show convincingly why your product is worth buying.
  • For assembly instructions for customers as an aid to the smooth and correct assembly of the purchased goods – instead of printed instructions, simply provide the customer with a link to an instructional video published online.
  • For training and educational materials – as support for professionals to help them understand the construction, processes and use of technical equipment.
  • An explainer-video animation is a great solution for training clinical professionals in the correct and safe way to perform procedures.

3D EXPLAINER VIDEO – Why are they effective?

The human brain processes images much faster than text. Instructional videos explainers offer a message that grabs attention and allows you to explain the principles of assembly or how products work in a simple way. Instead of creating multi-page instructions, show it in an animation.

In this way, you will explain even complex procedures step by step. Humans remember video much faster and easier than written content. In an animation, you can show every detail and focus the viewer’s attention on the most important features of the product.

In dentistry or medicine, in an 3D explainer video animation you can present medical procedures without bloodshed, explaining the steps step by step, focusing attention on what is crucial in the process, for example the installation of implant abutments.



Instructional explainer videos are versatile. They can be used on a website, in marketing campaigns, sales presentations and at trade shows. Thanks to the internet, videos can reach customers all over the world, crossing language and cultural barriers.

Video is an easy-to-understand message for everyone. In animations for Sol-Millenium, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of needles, syringes and blood collection devices, we show the application and correct use of products in animation.

In the medical industry, 3D is an effective training tool for clinical professionals.


HVAC – industrial instruction

Our instructional animations provide easy access to complex technical information, transforming it into understandable and engaging content for the viewer. Thanks to the animations, technical specifications, operating principles of systems as well as installation instructions become accessible, even for the non-technical user.

A good example of this is the heat exchange, refrigeration and ventilation industry, or so-called HVAC. In this field, 3D creative support offers a wide range of possibilities. From showing specialised products in a sales visualisation, through cross-sectional views explaining the construction to animations of the heat exchange process.


3D Explainer video – presentation of product features

3D Instructional videos are a powerful tool to convey the benefits of a product to your customers. No matter what field you operate in, when the need arises to explain a process, a technical procedure, a medical procedure or to explain how something works – an explainer-style video animation is a solution worth considering.

At Studio Modelight, we create content that is eye-catching yet easy to understand for your target audience.

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