Are you looking for a solution on how to present your CNC products in an unconventional, innovative way?

Do you want to stand out at an industry trade show or in your website marketing materials?
At Modelight, we work with a team of 3D engineers and understand the specifics, capabilities, and performance of technology products.

Regardless of where they are to be published, 3D animated designs allow for a spectacular presentation.
In the case of the CNC router animation for KAAST, we faced a challenge similar to that of the Transformers movie.

For the promotional material, we designed an animation of the transformation of the machine into a robot.
The entire setting of the animation is set inside an industrial production and warehouse hall.

CAD files were beneficial in this production, from which the design and 3D model of the plotter were created.

Client: Gdesz Film Studio
Scope: 3D modeling of robots and interiors, visualisations, packshots, 3D animation


Whether you need a presentation of the equipment, a demonstration of its operation or construction,
or a more elaborate abstract presentation, animation is a great solution.

After all, such things cannot be filmed with a traditional camera 😉 .

cnc robot in industrial interior
3d-robot-model-transformer-CNC-clay view without textures
transfoermer cnc ploter

This is not the end of the story.
New sequences of the film were born. For these, we created a second robot – the Priminer. In this iteration, CNC plotters transformed into robots fighting each other. Here we opted for dynamic shots and a focus on the animated detail of the robots’ anatomy.

Making the animation and preparing this production in 3D is an extremely interesting challenge for the animation team. As we specialize in technical productions, we are eager to take on such interesting projects. If you have any ideas on how we can help present your equipment or processes in this form, let us know.

Let’s talk about the possibilities of animation to highlight your CNC products.

scena z animacji 3d walki robotów cnc
3d technical visualization cnc elements transformer
ploter cnc robot
animacja ploterów cnc, walka transformerów Kaast
wizualizacja z animacji reklamowej, walka robotów cnc wykonana przez studio animacji 3d
robot transformer z plotera cnc, wizualizacja techniczna