Is it possible to turn a CNC router into a robot?
Not a problem with Modelight! Such was the challenge of preparing promotional materials for Kaast.

The creative concept was born first.
A robot consisting of parts of a plotter – sounds like the beginning of a creative adventure. Then we started work on the 3d model of the plotter.

Client: Gdesz Film Studio
Scope: 3D modeling of robots and interiors, visualisations, packshots, 3D animation


When our 3D model was ready we could start the animation adventure. To do this, we disassembled the plotter into parts, which were used to construct the anatomy of our robot. We then set them all in motion and in this spectacular way our plotter reveals its second high-tech face. To give the animation an atmosphere straight out of science fiction films, we created the interior of an industrial hall. “More than meets the eye” – This was the slogan of a popular animated film from the 1990s.


This is not the end of the story.
New sequences of the film were born. For these, we created a second robot – the Priminer. In this iteration, CNC plotters transformed into robots fight each other. Here we opted for dynamic shots and a focus on the animated detail of the robots’ anatomy.