Looking for a way to make your product stand out?

Show how it works, what it’s made of, how its individual parts work. Animation in 3D offers unlimited presentation possibilities.

Even complex technological processes or medical procedures can be shown in animation in a simple, understandable way. Video connects the senses by engaging the viewer and allowing you to explain difficult-to-describe content effortlessly.

3D creations allow you to create dynamic advertising spots as well as instructional, training or educational videos.


ADVERTISING 3D ANIMATIONS – support your marketing.

Why invest in 3D advertising films?

Because they arouse interest and attract the viewer’s attention, and this translates into purchasing decisions and increased sales. Video is the most effective form of communication, and 3D advertising animations are a versatile tool in promotion for websites, trade fairs or for TV commercials.

We support marketing and promotional activities by creating 3D animations that will allow you to highlight your products, to show them at their best in an ideal light.

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Not every process can be easily presented in a photo or shown in a video. In the case of medical or surgical procedures, 3D explainer video productions are very helpful.

In this way, you can look at procedures without spilling blood, show how dental implants are installed or explain the procedure for drawing blood, for example.

As a 3D animation studio, we produce training videos for the medical industry showing step-by-step procedures or how to use tools safely.


3D TECHNICAL ANIMATIONS – showing impossible to film processes

We create projects showing machines  equipment or building constructions in cross-section.

3D Explainer-videos are not only used in the medical field, but also in various branches of industry.

You can explain heat transfer processes from the HVAC industry, the operation of CNC milling and plotting machines, or the use of innovative products in the automotive field.



Animation in 3D explains complex processes in a simple and accessible way, shows what a product looks like ‘from the inside’, how it functions and where it can be used. At Modelight, we create advertising animations that build brand awareness and recognition.

3D animations stay in the memory for a long time, and the use of advanced computer graphics enables us to create a world that comes straight from your imagination.

What else can we offer you?

At Modelight we design and realise 3D animations according to your exact specifications, technical documentation or CAD files. If this is your first project, we will be happy to talk you through the various stages of implementation.

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