Advertising animations

We create 3D creations to support marketing activities – find out their benefits.
Advertising animation is a dynamic form of product or service promotion that uses computer graphics, movement, sound, and storytelling to attract customers’ attention.

At Modelight, we produce short films advertising a product or animated sequences explaining the operation or construction of equipment.

3D ANIMATED ADVERTISING – highlight your product

At Studio Modelight, we specialise in creating advertising videos and animations that show products at their best.

If you are looking for a creative solution to promote your product in social-media or any other media, look no further.

Our 3D creations and visualisations are published on websites, in leaflets, catalogues or as a graphic setting for trade fairs.

3D graphics offer unlimited creative possibilities and a picture is worth 1000 words. We create visualisations on neutral backgrounds for leaflets or catalogues, as well as designs and interior arrangements in which your products take centre stage.

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3D graphics allow us to present each product in an interesting and engaging way for the viewer.

In visualisation, we show products in cross-section, look inside machines presenting them at work or, in a semi-transparent view, explain what is going on inside.

In the form of computer graphics, the construction and the layers from which the products are made can be explained in an accessible way, which increases awareness among buyers and influences their purchasing decisions.

See examples of 3D cross sections

3D ANIMATION – 6 practical examples

At Modelight, we produce 3D advertising animations for various applications and industries.

  • in the advertising industry – creating promotional spots, adverts for publication in social media, on websites or as TV adverts
  • in the medical industry – explaining treatment procedures or explaining the safe use of medical instruments
  • in dental technology – creating training animations explaining the installation process of implant abutments step by step – for professionals
  • in the field of ventilation and heating – HVAC – animations help to demonstrate the process of heat exchange, the construction and operation of products and their application in various building spaces
  • in technological applications, e.g. in the CNC industry – by showing machines, their construction or operation in slow motion or in cross-section in an animation
  • in the construction industry, animation can be used to show building products hidden under façades, assembly procedures or typical product advertising creations.

But of course, the possibilities for using 3D support are endless.

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ADVERTISING ANIMATIONS – effective promotion and marketing

Why choose our 3d animated adverts?

  • Visual appeal – advertising animations allow you to create visually appealing content.
  • Explanation of processes – animations allow you to present complex concepts and processes in an understandable way. For example, it allows you to get inside a device and show how something works from the inside.
  • Movement and dynamics – in animation form, any product can be shown in motion. Dynamic forms are used for advertising animations and longer creations for training films or explainer-videos.
  • Concise content – animated adverts are short and concise, and moving images are the most effective way of reaching the viewer. In a few seconds, for example, it is possible to demonstrate how an air curtain works.
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ADVERTISEMENT FILMS – promotional support

With the help of 3D graphics or animation, it is easier to promote a product or explain its function or construction in an interesting and impressive way to the viewer.

It is not only an engaging form in advertising but also a useful educational or instructional solution.

Animations in the medical industry help to create training materials for clinical professionals. Instead of reading a long instruction manual, the patient can see a video showing how to use medical products.

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Modelight is a 3D animation studio that will help your marketing efforts by creating eye-catching creations. What else can we offer you?

We support promotional activities – from the idea to the script to production.
As specialists in technical fields, we are happy to prepare animations or visualisations showing even the most complex processes for you.

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