Interior and architectural visualisations


The use of modern graphic tools allows the space to be arranged freely, creating interior visualisations and architectural designs.
In Modelight, we support marketing efforts and promote everyday use products by showcasing them in interiors designed so that the advertised object takes center stage.

Industrial interiors, buildings and large-scale halls can also be shown in the form of 3D graphics, even before they are built. In this way, it is easy to plan production lines, the layout of machines or rooms in a planned factory.


We create 3d designs to show any products in the arrangement of the space in which they appear. There is no need to organise a photo shoot, build and furnish rooms in a studio to present products in an ideal way in an advertising campaign.

We design interior arrangements to advertise everyday products such as windows, blinds, doors or furniture. In visualisation, you can present your products and show them in promotional materials before the first prototype is created. In 3D, there is full control over the light and the shot. See an example of furniture and interior visualisation in the link.

In 3d we show office, warehouse and production space as well as buildings and architectural visualisations.

The graphic design can be changed more easily and quickly, matching the right additions to the new colour variation of the advertised product. Without having to re-create the photos or video, you can prepare the entire offer in this way and show all product varieties and versions in the interior design.

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From the visualisation of interiors and single-family buildings to large warehouse and production halls.
Arranging a space in 3D form allows you to see and plan the layout of rooms, layout of products in specialised industries such as HVAC heat exchange or construction.

In this form, you can show the function and operation of entire systems found in buildings or the construction and building layers and materials used that are not visible to the naked eye.
In 3d animation, we arrange any space and the graphics allow us to present even complex buildings in cross-section, in animation explaining the function and use of industrial systems.



The creative support of 3D graphics in the field of architecture has a wide range of applications:

  • For property developers – you will show any house, building or entire estate in a visualisation even before the construction is completed.
  • For designers and architects – as a visual representation of a concept for the development and furnishing of the surroundings or interiors of buildings.
  • For manufacturing companies – to show changes, extensions or layout of office and factory spaces.
  • In furniture advertising – as a presentation of products in the interior design of homes, or any space for which they are intended, prior to construction and production.
  • In promotion and marketing creations showing any products in the environment in which they naturally appear in interiors.
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ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIOR PROJECTS | cross-sectional visualisations

Building visualisations make it possible to create promotional material showing building products hidden under the top layer of the façade, under the floor, the foundation or inside the roof structure.

3D graphics allow you to see where the camera is not allowed and show a cross-section of the use of insulation materials or modern building solutions.

If you are creating instructional, promotional or advertising materials for building solutions, architectural visualisations can be a helpful tool.

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