Product 3D visualisations

Product visualisation is a 3D graphics technique with which you can accurately reflect the appearance of any object. In this way, you show it in the ideal light, from the best side, with the finest details.

Product visualisation can be used in promotional materials, online publications on websites, or in print with any resolution – from flyers and catalogues to billboards and large-format advertising.


3D visualisations of products support sales and promotional activities. It is the most popular form used in the advertising industry. Product visualisations are an alternative to photo shoots, allowing you to generate any illustration that distinguishes your products in online advertisements or printed materials.

There are no creative limits in 3D graphics, any object can be presented in any specially designed environment, in a realistic or abstract version, in perfect light.

In the case of furniture production, graphics help to create virtual interior arrangements to match the furniture sets being promoted without the need to build the interior in a photographic studio.

In technical fields and industries, product visualisations are a great solution to show a device or machine in a creative way. In a visualisation, we can present what is impossible to achieve in traditional photography or video.

Semi-transparent views, cross-sections, partial uncovering of layers or breaking down an object into all its constituent elements.

Graphics and visualisation offer enormous presentation possibilities, where the only limitation is the creator’s imagination.


HOW are 3D product visualisations created?

Preparing product visualisations involves creating a solid spatial graphic model of the product, giving it the right colours and surface textures – textures to make the final product look like the real thing. After preparing the lumps of textures, just as in photography, we add lighting, scenery and set up the frame and shots, in this case, of the virtual camera.

At Modelight, we create product renders based on photographs of existing products, on technical drawings or sketches that allow us to reproduce the appearance of an object correctly from all sides. In the case of complex products or technical devices, the documentation of solids saved in CAD files is very helpful and allows the development of accurate models for visualisation or demonstration in motion.

On the basis of such files, we are able to make a presentation with engineering accuracy and all the elements of the structure without having to create them from scratch in 3d. If you want to learn about the 3D creation process and helpful materials the creation process in detail is described in our article:

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3D PRODUCT VISUALISATION – application examples

As a 3D animation studio we can prepare presentation visualisations of products showing any idea, even unrealistic in reality, existing only in the designer’s imagination.

3D visualisations of products are becoming increasingly popular in various industries due to the fact that video is the easiest form of communication, and in animation you can advertise, educate, explain construction or operation in an interesting and engaging way.

If you want to see examples of the use of visualisation and animation in different industries we recommend the article:

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