The company Pokolm specializes in the production of high-quality tools for CNC milling machines. A detailed presentation of the milling process within a block of steel is no easy task. When it comes to creating promotional materials to support marketing efforts for such products, 3D animation proves to be an excellent solution. The presentation possibilities are virtually limitless!


In support of Pokolm’s product promotion activities, we create 3D animations showcasing CNC milling cutters, presenting their operation in detail. To effectively showcase both the products and the process in an engaging and comprehensible manner, we employ various graphic techniques. In slow-motion shots, You can meticulously observe the milling process, and in cross-sectional animations, You can peer inside the workpiece while the tool is in operation.


Client: Pokolm Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Scope: animation, simulation, packshot

wizualizacja produktu technicznego-pokolm frez cnc wycinający w bryle metalu

CNC milling machines and tools are available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes. They can feature blades with different profiles, such as spherical, conical, flat, or cylindrical, enabling a wide array of machining operations. Creating 3D animations for this industry is not only an exciting challenge from a graphic design perspective but also from an engineering standpoint. We are more than eager to take on such challenges alongside our team of animators.


3d motion milling proces freez frame 3d render with motion blur
pokolm-slotworx-3d cross section with milling proces
milling cnc device 3d render - pokolm-slotworx-02

Throughout our collaboration with Pokolm, we’ve not only produced promotional animations but also created 3D visualizations for brochures and catalogs, as well as large-format graphics for printing on trade show booth walls.

Stoisko targowe z wizualizacjami produktów na grafice na ścianach i animacją reklamową na monitorze
wizualizacja frezu na targach branżowych technologii CNC
plakat na targi CNC z wizualizacją frezu