3D visualisation is the transformation of ideas into realistic, three-dimensional images that look like a photograph and sometimes even better. With the advanced computer graphics tools at Modelight, we create realistic 3D visualisations.
Whatever your industry, you can show off your products before the first prototype is created. If you’re looking for a creative promotional method or a solution to create a presentation for a website or for print – 3D visualisations are a good idea.


At Modelight, in the 3D graphics engineering group, we prepare technical visualisations showing products and processes from various fields. We support sales representatives by creating sales presentations, for marketers we produce animations for promotional materials. We assist companies in the production of training materials, explaining the principle of operation or construction of complex devices in a way that is understandable to the viewer.

In the technology industries, with the help of visualisation, it is possible to explain in a simple way how equipment works, for example a milling machine or CNC router. In the construction industry, graphics allow you to look underneath the foundation or under the top layers of a façade by showing the application possibilities of insulation materials. In the automotive industry, you can easily show innovative products and technical solutions hidden deep beneath the car body in 3d.

Detailed technical visualisations show every detail of the presented products, even when they are inaccessible to the eye of the camera. 3D animation is not only an effective tool in advertising, but also supports the creation of educational and training materials.



If you are thinking about an advertising campaign for your product, looking for an idea of how to present it on a website or in marketing materials, do it in 3D.

There are no limits to creation in this form. Show your products in the most favourable light, from the best side, in a perfectly chosen frame and shot.

Once the 3D model has been created, we can visualise any object in any material or colour variation, in unlimited resolution. Product visualisations offer a wide range of possibilities for sales presentations. From views against a neutral background, to key-visual creations, to interior designs in which products play the first fiddle.

Highlight your products with the help of realistic graphics, attracting customers.



Are you planning a new space in your office or factory? Do you want to see what your products look like inside a family home or in an industrial space? Graphic architectural visualisations will help you to do this.

You will be able to accurately assess the appearance and functionality of a space or landscaping before starting installation or construction work. In 3D, you can show the arrangement of any equipment in different areas of a building. Architectural visualisation will help you plan the layout of spaces, the appearance of buildings or plan changes to existing infrastructure.



Interior visualisation is one of the most popular areas of using 3D computer graphics. In an arrangement, we can show not only the layout and exemplary development of a space, but also present any products present in the interiors. In this form, we create arrangements advertising furniture sets, animations for advertisements and other materials supporting marketing activities.

It is easier for the buyer to get acquainted with the product by seeing it in the natural environment in which it will appear.

In addition to showing residential interiors, 3D also allows the creation of industrial spaces. Visualisations of the interiors of large-scale warehouse and production halls help to present product systems.

The largest building space we created in 3d was the interior of a packaging production hall with an area of more than 50,000 square metres. The visualisation shows the entire building seen from a bird’s eye view as well as the layout of the rooms, machinery and production lines.



As a furniture manufacturer, do you need to have a whole set of products in stock to start promoting? Do you have to produce a piece of furniture to advertise it?

No, you don’t. We will prepare a complete presentation before the first piece of furniture is made. If we use 3D furniture visualisation, the presentation for a website, promotional publication or print run can be ready before the first prototype is produced.

Once the 3D model of the furniture has been developed, specify its colours and we will show each of them in perfect light, against a neutral background or in a specially designed interior. 3D visualisations are the fastest way to go if you want to launch a new collection or prepare sales material for an existing one,

A creation in this form can only be created from drawings and basic dimensions.



What else can we offer you?

∙ 3D animation
∙ 3D modelling
∙ Instructional videos
∙ Product animations
∙ Advertising animations

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