Interior visualisations

product promotion. In the case of furniture, it is standard to present it to customers not only in catalogue shots – against a neutral background – but also in specially arranged interiors.
At Modelight we create interior visualisations allowing you to see any space in bespoke lighting, any camera shot and digital resolution. In this form, there are no limits to the creation and development of the space.


We design interiors showing everyday products in arrangements. 3D graphics help to make furniture stand out in promotional materials by presenting it in a specially designed space, chosen to emphasise the character and style of the products being advertised.

For manufacturers of equipment and machinery, we offer industrial interior design. Not every product in the workplace can be easily photographed or shown in an aesthetically pleasing and advertising way. In 3D, even complex technological equipment and systems can be presented impressively with a focus on the product and its advantages and the distinctive location in which it occurs.

In the case of complex technological systems, where the equipment is located in various areas of the warehouse and production halls, we will show them in a clear and simple way in the interior design.

We can easily prepare graphics of a cross-section of the large-scale interiors of warehouses and production halls to show the layout, operating principles or functions and control of the entire equipment system. Such things cannot be shown in a photograph.


INTERIOR VISUALISATION – ensure the best presentation of your product with 3d creation support.

Where can you use interior visualisations?

  • Interior visualisations allow you to show everyday products, blinds, furniture or other design elements. In this form, you highlight your products in a striking way, allowing customers to see what they might look like in a sample arrangement.
  • If you manufacture technical equipment or your products appear in unrepresentative locations, such as a boiler room, basement or other technical rooms, preparing promotional materials can be a challenge. In such cases, too, we recommend the use of interior visualisations. We will show each such space in a clear way, focusing attention on your product.
  • There are no limits to 3D space design, from simple rooms, through complex specialist technical interiors, to cross-sections of large-scale production halls showing entire equipment systems.

We design interiors that make your products stand out, no matter what type of space they are in.

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INTERIOR DESIGN & VISUALIZATION – entrust the experts with it

In our 3D animation studio, we design interiors that advertise products, show where they can be found or explain their function and use.

What can we offer for your products?

– 3D visualisations
– 3D animations
– Product visualisations
– Technical visualisations
– Architectural visualisations
– Furniture visualisations

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