In 3D, you can distinguish your product from the competition, and present it from its best side, in the perfect light, even before the prototype is made. In the video animation, you can show the advantages, construction, and principles of operation understandably and engagingly.

We support marketing, training, and educational efforts by creating advertising spots, explainer-video animations, and instructional projects. We advertise everyday-use products, explain complex technological processes, and show solutions that are inaccessible to cameras and impossible to capture in a photograph.


Technological processes can’t always be explained in detail in video recordings, as it’s hard to peek inside working machines. With the help of 3D animation, we can represent any technical products in cross-section or semi-transparent form. This way, you can showcase the functions of each device, its advantages, structure, or operating principle.

Complicated technological processes or medical procedures, when presented in slow motion, become more comprehensible.

We produce graphics and animation for advertising spots, training films, or instructional explainer videos supporting promotions and presentations in industries such as CNC machining, Automotive, HVAC, medical, or construction.

Check out 3D animations and creations for technological and technical solutions



Do you want to distinguish your product in advertising creations, showing it in the best light from the best angle?
3D animation is widely used for promoting products through advertising spots, which we encounter every day in TV commercials, on websites, and social media.
With the help of CGI (computer-generated imagery), it is possible to create realistic products that are indistinguishable from actual film materials.

An additional advantage of 3D over traditional photography is the ability to generate images in almost unlimited resolution. This allows for the creation of designs for large-format printing or online publications, in which products are shown with incredible detail.

The possibilities for creation are limitless.

We create animations for companies from various industries for advertising materials, even before the prototype is made. You don’t need to organize a photo session. You can show your products with every detail, color variants, or available versions and sizes and show them on 3D vizualizations. We create promotional spots, product animations for websites, or TV screens for trade fairs.


MEDICAL ANIMATIONS | 3D for health&beauty

In the Health and Beauty industry, details and aesthetics are key. However, it’s not always easy to prepare the perfect photo, as some products are difficult to showcase in photographs. For example, it’s challenging to show the tip of a treatment needle or to look inside a patient’s body with a camera lens.

But with 3D graphics support, there is no problem at all – we have full control over lighting, appearance, and presentation.

In animations for medical companies, we simply present complex procedures, explaining step by step how to use specialized treatment tools. In the field of dental technology, 3D can easily present procedures for installing implant connectors, explaining the process in an understandable and simple way, without any bloodshed.



Not everyone knows what Destratificators are, and whether one should be afraid of them like Dementors, or who might be hiding behind an air curtain 😉

After many years of creating graphics and 3D animationsfor the HVAC industry, at Modelight we already know and we can show it for You HD in 3D.

With animation support, you can straightforwardly and understandably explain the construction of devices, demonstrate heat exchange processes,
or other technological procedures that are challenging or impossible to capture in film or showcase in a photo.

So, if you’re looking for a creative way to innovatively present your products, 3D might be a good solution.

 Do you need explainer video, educational or advertising materials that increase sales. We design industrial interior arrangements, where we show Your HVAC products in any configuration. In instructional animations, we explain in 3D the advantages or possibilities of controlling heating in large area halls.

Check out the examples; this solution might prove helpful for presenting your HVAC products too.


GRAPHIC 3D ANIMATIONS | Modern Solutions for Businesses

Animations for businesses have become an indispensable part of today’s marketing strategies. With 3D technology, you can creatively distinguish your product from the competition, presenting it in the best light, even before the first prototype is made. A picture is worth more than a thousand words, and with graphic and video animation, you can demonstrate the advantages, construction, and operating principles in an understandable and engaging way.

As 3D animation studio we support marketing, training, and educational initiatives by creating advertising spots, explainer-video animations, and instructional projects. With 3D creations You can  advertise everyday use products, explain complex technological processes, and showcase solutions that are inaccessible to cameras and impossible to capture in a photograph. Utilize our business animations to promote product or service. In 3D, there are no limits to creation.



Modelight is a professional 3D animation studio specializing in creating animations for businesses across various industries, including HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), automotive, construction, furniture, medical, and dental. Our promotional animations enable product advertising that transcends language barriers, capturing and retaining the attention of the audience for longer.

Video is the most effective and simplest form of communication that engages the viewer.

Unsure how to simply demonstrate the operation of a complex device? Wondering how to highlight the innovation of your product? Looking for ideas for an interesting presentation of your service – for clients, contractors, sponsors? Opt for 3D animations. Our business animations are a creative tool that allows you to show yourself from a completely different side in three dimensions.

What else can we offer?

Animations and visualizations for businesses are powerful tools that help strengthen the professional image of your products and your brand in the market. Leverage the potential of graphic creations in marketing materials and promotion.