Visualisation of the airport infrastructure showing an innovative aircraft towing system. Worldwide patented solution from ATS. Design prepared for an animation presenting the construction, principle of operation and advantages of the aircraft towing system.

Slawomir Malicki is the Polish inventor and author of the ATS. His patented innovative solution is based on a system of underground ducts connecting runway exits with terminals, hangars and other places to which aircraft can be transported. Thanks to the ATS, aircraft engines remain switched off during towing. It reduces noise levels, reduces gas emissions into the environment and saves huge amounts of fuel.

Client: ATS system
Scope: 3D modeling, visualization, animation

3d plane rendering
aircraft towing system cgi render
lotnisko wizualizacja
naprowadzenie samolotu 3d render

The inventor of the system personally challenged us to create a model of an airfield and an animation of the entire aircraft towing process. In the animations, we show the construction and working principle of the tow trucks, the underground ducts and the communication with the air traffic control tower.

wizualizacja samolotu terminal