This is about how to build an automated passenger aircraft towing system in not-so-simple steps.

A few years ago, we were approached by Mr Slawomir Malicki, a Polish entrepreneur. At our first meeting, in conversation, Mr. Slawek presented his idea and asked us to prepare a 3D animation to convince investors to realize a rather unconventional and innovative invention.

At first, the concept seemed somewhat unrealistic – an autonomous system to tow passenger aircraft at airports. Building underground duct infrastructure, holding up traffic, and rebuilding airports on a grand scale… sounds unrealistic from a logistical point of view and is undoubtedly difficult to implement and incredibly expensive. When you add an automated IT system for organizing and controlling traffic during the taxiing phase, the invention sounds almost like a futuristic vision straight out of a science fiction movie.

OK, it may be unrealistic and difficult to implement in reality, but why not show such an idea in animation? Anything can be done in 3D 😉We at Modelight are mainly engineers, so it was with all the more commitment and curiosity that we decided to take up the challenge, help the inventor, and prepare an animation showing a groundbreaking idea for the aerospace industry. According to the plans, drawings, and many consultations with the inventor, we made 3D models and animation.

projekty holownika samolotów na wizualizacji na neutralnym tle
model 3D modułu systemu holowania samolotów
schemat 3d pokazujący konstrukcję systemu holowania samolotów
wizualizacja modułu budowlanego do systemu holowania samolotów

Our team created visuals for marketing materials, sketch graphics and technical solutions for a patented invention that showcases the concept from both the construction and proposal perspective. The towing system has been patented in over a dozen countries and is currently being constructed at a test airport in the USA.

Although the inventor, Mr. Malicki, has not received much interest in his idea in Poland, he was able to convince investors in the USA with a little help of our animations ;-). Thus, it turned out that the idea had become viable for implementation in more than just virtual reality in 3d. The first test towing system is currently being built at an airport in the state of Oklahoma. We have seen the initial construction pictures and it looks spectacular.

Client: ATS system
Scope: 3D modeling, visualization, animation

3d plane rendering
aircraft towing system cgi render
lotnisko wizualizacja
wizualizacja 3D z lotu ptaka sytemu holowania samolotów
naprowadzenie samolotu 3d render
3d wizualizacja innowacyjnego wynalazku z branży lotniczej, automatycznego systemu holowania

Installation of the entire system is expected to take place soon. Mr Slawomir has promised to keep us updated after the world premiere. We will share photos and videos of the actual system as soon as possible, it will be exciting to compare them with the plans and our 3D animation. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the successful implementation of the idea at other airports, as this project has the potential to revolutionize the aviation market and make airport maneuvers safer.

If you have any groundbreaking technological ideas or want to attract investors to your concept, let us know.
We would be more than happy to discuss how to present your idea in 3D.
Also, for those who are interested, below are links to ATS website and press articles describing the topic:

wizualizacja samolotu terminal