Technical animations

At Modelight, we transform complex technical concepts into clear, comprehensible images. Technical animations are our specialty. Using many years of experience, we create animations of products and solutions for various technical industries. They help companies to present complex processes and ideas simply and effectively.

3D TECHNICAL ANIMATION – practical examples

In technical fields, presenting a product and its functions is not always easy. Often, the equipment and machines we want to advertise operate in an environment that makes it difficult to record a nice video. It is not always possible to take a picture that shows the advantages and how the equipment works. But it can be shown in the form of realistic graphics or animation.

In this way, we can highlight every detail of the product appropriately, focusing attention on key elements or functions. 3D is a helpful tool for creating training materials or explainer-type video creations.

We present the advantages and features of products in various technical industries in an advertising and dynamic way, for example:

  • demonstration of CNC milling using the products of the Pokolm films – presentation of the creation of a new logo in the form of a dynamic 3D animation: cutting a logo out of a block of metal;
  • product animations for the industrial fan manufacturer AFL – 3D creations showing the products available in the offer, for the web, for catalogues, as a setting for trade fairs;
  • in 3D animation we show world-changing inventions – e.g. visualisation of airport infrastructure presenting an innovative aircraft transport system ATS System, by a Polish inventor
  • commercial animations – transformation of a plotter into a robot and a fight between two robots (CNC plotters from KAAST).
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ANIMATIONS OF PROCESSES – discover simplicity in complexity

In Modelight, we explain the operation of complex systems in an accessible and comprehensible manner, show the construction of devices or their advantages. Technical 3D animation provides a glimpse into places where a traditional camera would not have access: inside objects, under facade layers.

Our technical animations are used for publications on YouTube and other social media platforms, are displayed on TV screens as advertising spots or at trade fairs.

Process animations illustrate the most complex manufacturing, technological or engineering processes in a way that is easy on the eye and mind. They decisively improve communication between the company and the customer or investor, and thus contribute to more effective sales of products or services.

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ANIMATION OF PRODUCTION PROCESSES – explain how your product works

In process animation, you show the construction and operation of machinery, explain the principle of the equipment and explain how to use specialised tools correctly.

The advantage of 3D animation in a process presentation is the ability to see where the eye of a traditional camera cannot see.

In the form of graphics, we can show any process in slow motion or in cross-section.

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Modelight is a 3D animation studio that will help you to illustrate your ideas using modern computer graphics methods. Using 3d creations, even complex processes can be easily shown and explained. Such films help in the preparation of training or educational materials, allowing viewers to familiarise themselves with the construction or operation of equipment, or to see complex technological procedures that are difficult to film.

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