Furniture visualisations can be helpful in many cases, for example instead of a photo shoot. 3D is also a good solution if you want to prepare an advertising campaign before a prototype is created or check how your idea will look in several material variations.

3D graphics are then the best solution: both in creations for promotional materials to show your target customers the furniture, and for production plants as a reference for the look and as a model for creating a prototype. We can visualise each 3d-prepared piece of furniture from any side in studio daylight or night light.


FURNITURE VISUALISATIONS – see how your product will look in different variations

At Modelight, we specialise in creating 3D models and furniture presentations, so you can see your designs – even before you create the actual product in the factory.

We can show furniture designed in 3D against a neutral background, in catalogue shots for publication on the website or in printed sales materials. Computer graphics make it possible to show all the manufactured colour and material variations of a piece of furniture.

In this way, the entire range of colours and fabric types in which a piece of furniture is available can be presented, so that every customer can choose the best-fitting version for their home.

A picture is worth more than 1,000 words, and in the case of 3D furniture, we can also easily show any functionality, the way it can be unfolded or the configuration possibilities.



In the case of the furniture industry, in addition to showing the furniture collection in shots against a neutral background, it is also important to present it in sample interiors. Arranging the space and showing the furniture set in a specially designed space allows customers to assess how the furniture set will look in their home.

If you are planning an advertising campaign for your furniture, we offer to carry out visualisation and interior design without having to organise a photo shoot.

We create 3D models of the furniture and prepare their visualisation on the basis of drawings and basic dimensions, but we also work on the basis of CAD files, so if documentation with such files is available, we can generate any furniture views or advertising animations on their basis with engineering accuracy.


Furniture visualisations in Modelight

In the 3D animation studio, we will design any furniture for you according to a description, technical drawing, sketch or CAD documentation.

Whether the idea is just in the creative concept phase or you already have finished products and want to make them stand out in the market, we will show them in the ideal light, from the best side against a neutral background or in a designed interior arrangement.

What else can we offer?

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