Product animations

Product animations are a type of graphic creation designed to present and promote a particular product or service effectively, using moving images.
At Modelight, we specialize in producing advertising spots, showing products from their best side.
For industrial products, we offer longer forms of presentation of a more instructional nature.
Our 3D animations explain the construction of equipment in a simple and accessible way, can replace complex assembly instructions or show complex technological processes.


Do you need an advertising spot for a product, or perhaps a creation for a new website or graphic design for a trade fair?
We can make any product as a 3D model and show it in perfect light, in different variations or in motion.

Let`s create together an advertising animations, creations for Your marketing or promotional materials.

Product animation allows you to prepare engaging viewer content for your marketing campaign. With the help of technical documentation and CAD files, we will prepare visualisations and animations for you, even before the first prototype is created.

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PRODUCT ANIMATIONS – for various sectors

We produce product animations for many different industries. Using the possibilities of 3d creations from specialist fields, we not only create advertising messages but also explain processes and procedures for instructional, training or educational productions.

Medical animations – explainer video creations explain the construction and use of treatment devices. This allows clinical professionals to familiarise themselves with procedures and the safe use of specialised equipment.

How can 3D help dental technology? Complex processes such as the installation of implant abutments can be shown with the help of this technique. An additional advantage is the ability to focus the viewer’s attention on key elements of the process and presentation without spilling a drop of blood.

In the automotive industry, graphic animation helps to show car components that are under the body. We are able to show state-of-the-art solutions that are difficult or impossible to record with a traditional camera.
In the construction industry, 3D product animation makes it possible to show building elements, such as insulation materials, which are located under the façade or under the floor layers.

Lets talk, how can We help you show Your products in 3D?

3D PRODUCT ANIMATION, who and what does it help?

  • With 3d support You can explain complex technical processes or medical procedures
  • It`s easy to demonstrate the operation and construction of products in advertising, instructional or training creations
  • Differentiating products from the competition by explaining how they work, their design and their benefits in an animation
  • We build an engaging and positive corporate image showing Your products and offer from the best side.
  • We support marketing activities with 3D creations.
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3D product animation at Modelight

At Modelight, we are in the business of creating high-quality 3D images that effectively communicate information. As a 3D animation studio, we will help your business to express itself better, sell more and stand out in the competitive jungle.

Contact us we will tell you how to show your products with the help of modern visual communication.


Let us know what you do, we’ll tell you how to show it effectively in 3D.