Projects related to electronic equipment are a subject we always enjoy working on. This was also the case with the order from Impakt S.A. – an IT distributor. We had the opportunity to create a series of 3d visualisations, including catalogue views on a neutral background, key-visuals, and animations of small electronics and gaming equipment. The results of our work can be seen on product packaging and in advertising materials for Impakt’s brands: Natec and Genesis.

natec-camera-720p-arange camera and monitor render 3d
product packshot 3d render of IT web camera
impakt-camera-720p-macro 3d packshoot
product visualization it camera cgi 3d

Our task was to model most of the products from scratch. We started with a precise mapping of the objects. CAD software came to the rescue. Thanks to this, the models we created could be used not only for visualisation, but also for technical documentation.

Client: Impakt S.A.
Scope: 3D modelling, visualisations, packshot, key-visual

natec-bluetooth-headphones-keyshot cgi 3d
visual opakowania słuchawek
natec-bluetooth-headphones-closed 3d rendering
3d product rendering of usb cable set
natec-bluetooth-headphones-open cgi 3d
usb cable 3d rendering white

During our collaboration, we created visualisations for many industries.
From consumer electronics to gaming accessories.

hub usb 3d wizualizacja promocyjna
hub usb i telefon wizualizacja graficzna urządzenia elektronicznego
IT product 3d visualization
hub usb 3d rendering
wizualizacja produktu kijek do selfie
klawiatura gameingowa na wizualizacji produktowej
gemeing keyboard 3d render