Not everyone knows what Destratyficators are, and whether one should be afraid of them like Dementors, or who might be hiding behind an air curtain.
We at Modelight already know, after many years of creating graphics and animation for the HVAC industry we are experts in supporting marketing efforts for technological industries.

With our assistance, you can explain the operation or construction of air vents, rooftops, and other specialized HVAC devices. In animation, we show even complex processes simply and understandably, explaining the operation and benefits of heat exchange solutions and the destratification process. Using 3D animation, we help in the production of training, educational, and advertising materials that can boost your sales.

An example of comprehensive support is our collaboration with Flowair, a manufacturer of heat exchange devices and HVAC systems.

For online publications and print promotional materials, we have prepared a full range of 3D devices and technological solutions.
Collaboration with the R&D department and support in the form of CAD files allowed us to showcase products and their construction with engineering precision.


If you are planning to introduce a new product to the market, promotional materials for flyers, catalogs, or landing page contend will be helpful. In 3D, we create visualizations showcasing products in studio shots for sales and marketing materials. In this form, you can present new solutions in detail before the first prototype is created.

rendering urządzenia przemysłowego - kurtyna powietrzna na grafice 3d
product presentation 3d graphics air curtain

In addition to the presentation of the appearance, 3D graphics will allow you to show different variants of the construction of the marketed product, as well as its applications. For the SLIM air curtain, we created an animation illustrating sample interior arrangements in which it can be used, along with a presentation of the design for both the electric and heat exchanger versions.

We create customized interior visualizations where You can showcase practical examples of the curtain’s application in various spaces.

wnętrze sklepu z kurtyną HVAC
wizualizacja wnętrza kawiarni w 3d
wizualizacja wnętrza w 3d
wizualizacja restauracji w 3d

3D ANIMATIONS | construction and operation of HVAC products.

In the heat exchange industry, it is crucial to not only focus on the design and appearance of products, but also their construction, operating principles, and potential applications. However, it can be challenging to capture an image of a product that is broken down into its components, and detail its structure, components, functions, and advantages. Fortunately, with 3D technology, this task becomes much easier.

We can break down and showcase every product, even the most intricate ones. We can explain, in simple and understandable terms, how the product is constructed and how it functions.

wizualizacja produktu technologii hvac
rozstrzał produktu na części grafika
wizualizacja 3d techniczna
przekrój urządzenia, wizualizacja 3D budowy kurtyny powietrznej

The heat exchange industry is not just about products, their appearance, and technical solutions. After all, the heat exchange process is crucial in this field.

When it’s necessary to illustrate the flow of media within products, explain the parameters of specific HVAC solutions, and clarify why they are not only visually appealing but also engineering-efficient, the best approach is through animation.

For Flowair, we’ve developed a series of training animations and explainer video creations. Such animations allow us to explain in an accessible manner the benefits of using products in a given space.

During training sessions for specialists, installers, and staff, you can quickly explain how the HVAC system operates with the help of 3D animations. This includes the purpose of implementing Building Management System (BMS) controls and which products are worth installing in different building zones.

An image is worth a thousand words, and in graphic form, it’s easier, faster, and simpler to clarify complex procedures. In the visualization, we display the entire system of devices installed in warehouse and production hall spaces, illustrating their connections and operations.

If you need additional instructional materials demonstrating step-by-step procedures for connecting devices, operating them, and managing them, there’s no problem.

Cooperation with Flowair has allowed us to familiarize ourselves with the specific construction and operation of various products in HVAC industry. If you’re looking for a solution to simplify the presentation of processes or showcase the application and advantages of such devices, let us know.

As a team of 3D engineers, we understand the intricacies of this industry. Regardless of how complex the installations and processes you want to explain, we are eager to assist you in presenting them through animation.

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