Heat exchangers play a crucial role in various aspects of our lives, commonly found in home heating systems, heat pumps, and recuperators. They are extensively utilized in diverse industries, helping to optimize heating or cooling costs. In sectors such as power engineering, HVAC, refrigeration, and the petrochemical industry, heat exchangers are instrumental in recovering heat energy.

When it comes to promoting and providing training on these products, it’s essential to showcase their construction and explain their operational principles. This facilitates a better understanding for individuals seeking the right solution for specific applications, guiding them on why a particular type of exchanger is the most suitable.

However, one challenge arises when attempting to visually capture the intricacies of heat exchange, as it is a technologically complex process that cannot be easily recorded with a camera. The critical actions take place within the equipment, amidst intricate structures comprised of numerous tubes or shells. Unfortunately, peering into these areas and capturing images is impossible.
Given this complexity, how can the advantages of heat exchangers be effectively presented to customers? How can promotional, training, or educational materials be prepared to enlighten specialists in these fields or persuade customers to make a purchase?

In 3D, of course.


As part of the rebranding effort for Hexonic, a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers, we carefully crafted product visualisations for their new website and printed marketing materials. These visualisations go beyond presenting the external appearance of the products; they delve into the technical intricacies hidden from standard camera.

Through this presentation, combined with 3d animation of the heat transfer process, we provide a comprehensive understanding of the operating principles, technological nuances and distinctive features of Hexonic heat exchangers.

The strategic exposure of the outer shell layers in our visualisations offers a quick insight into the design of the units, highlighting what sets them apart. This approach not only enhances aesthetic appeal, but also serves as an effective educational tool, allowing stakeholders to understand the complexity of Hexonic’s innovative heat exchange solutions

przekrój przemysłowego wymiennika ciepła w 3D
wizualizacja graficzna przekroju produktu technologicznego. Wymiennik ciepła na wizualizacji 3D

Klient: Hexonic sp. z o.o.
Zakres: packshot, 3D modeling, visualization, animation

On the occasion of the rebranding and design of the new Hexonic website, we helped to show the products in visualisations. In this case, in order to emphasise the materials from which the heat exchangers are made, we created views on a dark background, in a low-key convention. The 3d shots prepared in this way match the style and background of the new website, allowing attention to be focused on the products.

3D wizualizacje urządzeń HVAC na stronę www
wizualizacje 3D urządzeń HVAC na stronę www
visual produktu technicznego , wymiennik ciepła Hexonic
visual produktowy, wymiennik ciepła z branży HVAC