wizualizacje w przekroju zobacz przykłady w 3d

5 examples of 3D animation support in various industries

5 examples of 3D animation applications in various industries.

Here are some examples of how animation and 3D graphics can be used in presentations. This form of communication allows for complex medical procedures to be explained in a way that is easily understood by the viewer. It can also demonstrate the construction and principle of operation of products across various industries.

1. Dentistry / Implantology / Medical Products

How to aesthetically and comprehensibly showcase a medical procedure? Recording videos of dental procedures may not look appealing or promotional. Moreover, in the case of specialized products, it’s challenging to use a camera to “look inside” a person, let alone demonstrate the procedure or tissues beneath the skin.

In such cases, visualization and 3D animation can be an excellent solution. With that kind of support, we can present any process in a sterile, clean, and understandable manner, without a single drop of blood😉

At Modelight, we specialize in creating technical and medical presentations, and we have extensive experience in producing various animations for the medical industry, such as the installation process of Almadent implant connectors.Procedures like these can be difficult or impossible to film with a traditional camera, whereas in the form of 3D animation, they can be easily and comprehensively demonstrated in a simple and understandable way.

3d dental cross section with implant abutment instalation proces
wizualizacja dentystyczna montażu implantu pokazana jako grafika 3d w przekroju
wizualizacja przekroju procesu instalacji łączników implantologicznych

In the implant connector, there is a special groove designed to prevent the displacement of the installed connector, which is a crucial feature of such products. To demonstrate this in an understandable way in the animation, we used a cross-sectional view and transparency. This allows viewers to see precisely how the implant components are constructed and why they ensure a perfect fit.

Check out example if we’ve effectively explained the implantation process and showcased it during the procedures.

Another type of support we offer to the medical industry is explainer video animations. In these projects, we explain the correct and safe step-by-step process of using medical devices or products. Clinical professionals can see how to perform procedures or understand the safe process for using a specific tool.

Regardless of the purpose, whether it’s an instructional, promotional, or advertising video, presenting products or processes in the form of 3D animations offers ample opportunities for engaging presentations.

2. The Technology Industry

At Modelight animation studio, being mostly engineers, we find technical projects particularly intriguing. Like curious children, we create such animations, simultaneously seeking answers to questions like “how does it work?” or “how is it constructed?”

In 3D, the sky is the limit. Even complex processes can be shown in a simple, understandable manner. If needed, we can delve into the inner workings of functioning products or slow down time to examine them more closely.

Take a look at a few examples of our technical projects. Perhaps something will prove inspiring for promoting your products?

frez i obrabiana bryła CNC na wizualizacji reklamowej
przekrój procesu frezowania w bryle metalu - wizualizacja procesu frezowania

We’ve created animations where every detail of the milling process is presented in a clear and understandable manner. In these animations, we highlight the advantages of CNC tools, show in slow motion what happens inside the metal block, and how a specific device operates. When the process occurs inside the workpiece being machined, we present it using a dynamic cross-section. SEE MORE

For more complex systems, we can offer solutions like the HVAC industry, which deals with heat exchange. For many manufacturers in this field, we create graphic solutions. We showcase products and their interiors, construction, or the management of entire systems using programmable controllers. In this field, explainer videos demonstrating the heat exchange process can also be very helpful.

You can find more examples of solutions for this industry at the following link: SEE MORE

3. Automotive

In the automotive industry, innovation plays a crucial role in enhancing the comfort, safety, and performance of vehicles. Visualizations are frequently employed to showcase the groundbreaking materials and polymers utilized in the manufacturing of car components. Have you ever wondered how many lightweight and durable plastic parts like EPP are currently produced for cars? Check out the 3D animation to discover which parts they are, and their respective functions. SEE MORE

Our work supports the Automotive industry by showcasing the application of modern materials used in the components of contemporary vehicles. In the visualization, you can instantly see all the car parts located under the body or inside the seats, which are inaccessible to a traditional camera.

bumper rendering for automotive advertising cgi with EPP car parts

4. Furniture advertising

Another example where graphics and animation support promotion is the furniture manufacturing industry. In the form of visualizations, we showcase furniture against neutral backgrounds in catalog shots – suitable for print in marketing materials or listings on sales platforms. This format allows us to present furniture designs in various material options, color variations, and custom dimensions even before producing prototype.

wizualizacja łóżka bez materiałów powierzchni i tekstur - model 3d

In the furniture industry, it’s also important for the end customer to visualize an entire set of furniture within the context of the space it will occupy. For such tasks, we design dedicated interior arrangements where furniture takes the center stage. SEE MORE

5. Instructional Animations – Explainer Videos

Do you enjoy reading lengthy instructions, looking for the correct tools and screws, and trying to decipher simplified assembly diagrams? It can often be challenging to differentiate between similar-looking screws, particularly when they come in different sizes. To correctly assemble some everyday products, you often need to perform multiple steps in the right sequence, connecting various components. Reading instructions and trying to understand schematic drawings can be a headache for some of us in these cases. We have a solution to this problem – 3D explainer videos.

Even well-prepared descriptions and sketches may not replace a video showing the process in detail, step by step. That’s why we highly recommend instructional videos – they are becoming increasingly popular for various products. All you need to do is click on the link provided with the product or scan the QR code that directs you to an 3d animation where each action is demonstrated in a simple and easy-to-follow manner. If necessary, you can pause the video and replicate the actions shown until you’ve correctly assembled the product or system. An example of this could be the assembly animation of a balcony railing for the company Avis.

We are preparing animations that make it easy, fast, and without the need to go through multi-page instructions to assemble even complex products.

If you need to showcase any furniture concepts in printed promotional materials like brochures or catalogs, interior arrangements, or animations, we’d be happy to discuss the possibilities of creating them in 3D.

These are just a few examples of the applications of 3D animation and graphics in various industries. If you have other ideas, please let us know. Regardless of the field or industry, we’d be happy to offer our creative solutions in graphic design.