Knauf Automotive

Collaboration with Knauf resulted in graphic design for the automotive industry. Our task was to show the use of modern plastics in car manufacturing. In order to show the components hidden under the bodywork, which are often located in hard-to-reach areas of the vehicle, we made a sketch model of the car showing where EPP and EPS plastic products are used. 

First of all, the plastic textures had to be prepared to make the EPP and EPS materials look realistic. 3D models of selected car components were prepared based on CAD files from client R&D department. The next stage was to create catalogue visualisations and show exactly where EPP and EPS parts are used in car production. Some of the graphic material was uploaded to the  Knauf Automotive website. 

Client: Knauf Industries Polska sp. z o. o.
Scope: animation, 360 script, visualisation, 3D modelling

knauf-epp-slider knauf-plastic-slider

For the presentation of product benefits and functionalities, we made graphic designs presenting the battery housing for electric cars. The car battery pack is a solution for protecting the battery from shocks while keeping the components very light. The visuals show the individual components of the kit explaining the advantages and features of this solution.


The challenge was to show in a clear way the location of the parts inside the car body, sometimes cumbersome. 3D animation is ideal for this purpose. In a virtual space, we can apply a transparency effect or cross-section of solids. It allows us to see in detail what each element looks like and where it is placed. Even the most hidden element of the structure.