3D PRODUCT CROSS SECTION | Magnet Mattresses


Everyone likes to get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is influenced by many factors, the right time, the right place, the warmth, the bedding, often also who we sleep with 😉.

So what are the most important things, though?

In our opinion, one of the most important elements influencing a good night’s sleep is not who we sleep with but what we sleep on. Despite a good sleeping time, the ideal place and company, it’s hard to sleep on an ill-fitting mattress. And on this subject, we had the opportunity to explore many possibilities by creating a visualisation of a cross-section of such products for Magnat.

Many articles can be found on the topic of choosing the right product in this category, each describing in detail the advantages, types of finishes, materials and layers of mattresses. There are also many technologies available on the market, you can buy spring mattresses, pocket latex mattresses or foam mattresses. In some mattresses you can even find coconut 😉 well maybe not literally because it is about the coconut layer, which increases the firmness and has many additional advantages in the production of the mattress.

You can read about it in lengthy elaborations, but there is a simpler solution to show mattresses in an accessible, comprehensible and convincing manner – 3D graphics – a visualisation in cross-section shows exactly what the mattresses consist of and what they have inside.

Client: P.P.H.U. MAGNAT
Scope: Visualisations, 3D modelling, concept design

z jakich warstw składa się materac-przekroj w 3d
materac-kokos wizualizacja w przekroju
przekrój warstw materacy na wizualizacji materac-kokos-romby
przekrój warstw materac-pianka-komfort
warstwy materaca na przekroju graficznym
jak zbudowany jest materac w środku
przekrój materaca w 3d

Instead of creating long descriptions, it is enough to show a properly made graphic – a cross-section of each of the product layers, highlight and describe their features and advantages. Analysis of such a picture is easier for everyone and understandable at a glance.

Such a prepared offer allows the customer to quickly get acquainted and choose the best product for him or her.

wizualizacja materaca bamboo