We were given an interesting challenge by the Flowair company – a specialist and manufacturer in the HVAC industry.
Our mission was to creatively present their new product which is the Slim air curtain.

We had to convey the lightness of the design and present the air curtain in a modern way. The Slim product page features solutions that allow the user to turn the product on its own, interactively rotate it, view it from different sides or, for example, see the interior and construction of the unit.

Client: FLOWAIR Głogowski i Brzeziński Sp.j.
Scope: 3D modeling, visualization, packshot, animation, 360 script, active-scroll script

We decided to focus on reflecting the lightness of the design and the innovative presentation of the product. Our creative response to this challenge are the interactive modules on the Slim website.


Our work on this interesting project culminated in the creation of interior visualisations showing examples of where the curtain can be used.